Friday, 15 August 2014

"My Latest Inspirations"

Hi everyone!, how  has been your week ?, hope good, this time the title says, about the inspirations of now, I'm dying to so many of these things, I usually do not buy what I want at the time, I wait a month or more and buy it (though not always), for those who do not read me and don't even know my tastes, I'm fascinated by 90s and 80s and a little guilty passion for everything pink and kawaii, I also admire the style of the 50 'and who dress up that way, even that lifestyle (a brilliant housewife), that would be grate for me;  but I wouldn't feel comfy clothing always like that, although sometimes I incorporate  unnoticed details ;).

Hola a todos!, ¿como ha sido su semana?, espero que bien, esta vez el título lo dice, son las inspiraciones de ahora, muero por tantas de estas cosas, por lo general no compro lo que se me antoja en el momento, espero un mes o mas y lo compro (aunque no siempre), Para los que no me leen o incluso no saben de mis gustos, yo siento fascinación por la década de los 90' y 80' y una pasión culpable por todo lo rosado y Kawaii, también admiro mucho el estilo de los 50' y quienes visten de esta manera, incluso su estilo de vida (una genial dueña de casa), cosa que no me vendría nada mal ;); pero no me sentiría cómoda vistiendo siempre así, aunque a veces incorporo detalles desapercibidos ;) .

I do not know, but this look is very 90 'to my opinion; beret,combat boots, backpack and earrings  give something more elegant, I love it !!

No sé, pero este look es muy 90' para mi opinión; la boina, bototos, aros y mochila le dan algo más elegante, me encanta!!
Lately I love the mermaid look !!, I must have those leggings !, else is how I would combine, maybe  with a kimono , and holographic sandals.

Ultimamente los look de sirena me encantan!!, debo tener esas leggins!,
 lo demás es como yo lo combinaría, con un kimono quizas, sandalias holográficas.

This look, I thought I should start to love the summer because really annoys me, but suddenly is what I would wear to feel happy :)

con este look, pensaba en que debería comenzar a amar al verano, porque la verdad es que me fastidia, pero de repente es lo que vestiría para sentirme feliz :)

I can't deny, sometimes I miss to dress all in black, I was so extreme for 10 years, all my clothes were black, and rarely gave him a chance to burgundy. <3 loving and wishing soon have "wicked" Lime crime.

No puedo negar, a veces extraño vestir completamente de negro, fui tan extrema durante 10 años, que toda mi ropa era negra, y muy pocas veces le di oportunidad al burdeo y jamás a otro color, estoy amando y deseando pronto tener "wicked" de Lime crime.

have a good weekend!!and I share you a song by "Rebecca and Fiona", all week listening!!!
 see ya!
que tengan un buen finde y les comparto un tema de "Rebecca and Fiona", toda la semana escuchandolas!!! nos vemos!


  1. I think I like all the outfit ones except for the second one. It's a little bit too eccentric for my tastes. I am a big fan of black and white which is why I love the first one so much, and the third almost has a touch of gothic too it. All things I wouldn't mind wearing :3 As for the third I wasn't sure about it myself first but now I actually really like the fact that these colourful things are there and wearable too. I hope you get the chance to try these outfits out as well.

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    1. thanks I'm glad you like at least 2 of those you named, thanks for visiting dear, kisses!


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