Sunday, 2 March 2014

"NAILS" by Carlottaloth (bloggerchallenge 2104) 

Really, I do not usually care at all my nails, only polish, and paint. Ah! and of course the hand cream help moisturize nails. 
The truth is I have not played much with the nail arts, although I would love to but I'm a bit lazy for that. but I have my favorite colors ...

no doubt, black is my favorite. Goes with all my looks

colored in red, is the most common for me, but I love it, as for blue, green, I wanted a little daring.

pastel colors to play around with the kawaii style ... which I love.

 You see, nothing very daring, at least for me, nor expensive brands use maybelline, think is best for my pocket in quality and price ... some designs, but would like to buy more colors, Today I have incorporated gradually , previously used only red and black, so it was a big step for me with more colors.


  1. I'm also don't put much effort on my nails, but sometimes I use funky nail polishes. Love the nail stickers :)

    1. I want to try!, and I see many nail arts so cute, kisses! :)


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