Thursday, 13 February 2014


This is not about the valentine , which certainly did not feel much interest lately , but  I wanted to share with you , the fragrances that I use:
1. "Vanilla " from a sweet fragrance Esika ... the name says it with vanilla , I am not a fan of sweet scents , but this is a special gift from a good friend , so I like it or not , I always use and I thank  gifts.
2 . " Color drops " from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada , I love this fragrance , very fresh with fruity notes , reminds me of "love love" of Moschino .
3 . "Police " had shared at Christmas, was a gift too , but I love,  had mentioned it on purpose , so he gave it to me lol! ...
4 . "love love" of Moschino, this is my favorite , notes of peach , I love this fragrance ...
5 . " Outspoken " by Fergie, also a sweet scent with floral notes , this is a gift from my grandmother so I appreciate it .
6. "Eau de toilette of Violets " wild violet scent , the scent of my dreams !

Esto no tiene nada acerca de el día de san valentín, que por cierto no siento mucho interés ultimamente, pero si quería compartir con ustedes, las fragancias que yo uso:
1. "Vanilla" de esika...una fragancia dulce, su nombre lo dice, con notas de vainilla; yo no soy fanática de aromas dulces, pero este en especial es un regalo de una gran amiga; así que me guste o no,  siempre uso y agradezco los regalos.
2. "Gotas de color" de  Agatha Ruiz de la Prada; me encanta esta fragancia, es muy fresca con toques frutales, me recuerda mucho a "love love" de Moschino.
3. "Police", lo había compartido en Navidad, fué un regalo también, pero me encanta, lo había mencionado de adrede, para que me lo regalaran jeje!...
4. "love love" de Moschino, este es mi favorito, notas de durazno, me encanta este aroma.
5. "Outspoken" by Fergie, un aroma dulce tambien con notas florales, este es un regalo de mi abuela así que lo aprecio mucho.

6. "Colonia de Violetas", aroma a violetas silvestres, el aroma de mis sueños!!

Since childhood I was surrounded by violets in the yards of my house, so for me it is a magical fragrance, I am always looking for perfume with this aroma in particular, some perfumes have notes of the scent, but I wish in particular fragrance captured from the same flower violet, so this is the closest I've found, they bring it from Peru, I know of one in particular that has say the exact fragrance of violets but do not make shipping to Chile, (violetta parma) from Italy ... if anyone knows about perfume with aromas of violets can share it in the comments ... see ya!

Desde pequeña estuve rodeada de violetas en los patios de mi casa, así que para mi es una fragancia mágica, siempre estoy en busca de perfumes con este aroma en particular, algunos perfumes  tienen  notas de ese aroma, pero yo deseo en particular el aroma captado desde la misma flor violeta, así que esto es lo más cercano que he encontrado, lo traen desde Perú, sé de uno en particular que dicen tiene el aroma exacto a violetas, pero no hacen shipping a Chile, ( violetta de Parma) desde Italia... si alguien sabe acerca de perfumes con aromas a violetas pueden compartirlo en los comentarios...nos vemos!


  1. So cute that you have such a memory of violets, I love re-capturing a scent, it holds such a powerful place in our hearts. I cannot suggest any better perfumes but hope that you will one day find the perfect scent! How about making one yourself?

    1. wow it would be great to do it myself, would have to go to the search of violets!, are scarce today in my place ... thanks for comment on their words were beautiful ... :)

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    1. sure!!!, I did part of that giveaway!!! is great!


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